In 2016, We were among the first ones (or even the First), which makes QR codes more useful.

Starting to connect them to multimedia files, now is the time we create NFTs with any type of content (audio, video, pictures, docs, or webpages).

From our motto "the smartest way to use QR codes", we are going toward "the smartest way to use NFT".

There are many NFTs that are simply an image (usually a work of art), but why not use the image to convey a more important, richer and more useful message?

What can do it better than a QR Code?

Now you can create your NFT QR Codes in just a few steps:

The image uploaded to OpenSea will simply be the pure QR Code, without decorations.

You can buy it for yourself or create some very special content and hope to resell it!

Warning: once the QR Code is enabled as an NFT it will no longer be possible to modify its content (so as to preserve its value), remember to look at the preview first. and you will not be able to link to content that links to resources on sites other than

Once you have purchased your NFT QR Code (the sale is reserved for your wallet for 30 days, after which we can also delete it from our collection and it will return to being a normal QR Code), the ads will disappear, to leave only your content, when a user scans the QR Code they will see a splashscreen for a few seconds indicating that your QR Code is also NFT and there will be the direct link to your NFT on OpenSea.

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